Safety Services and Programs

Helping You Build a Safer Worksite


In all the controlled chaos of the modern jobsite, safety-oriented standards and procedures can sometimes start to slip a little. You might have noticed this trend through an uptick in small incidents or accidents, and maybe shrugged them off as just one-off occurrences not really worth making note of.


What’s important to keep in mind, though, is that a pattern of small instances such as these often act as a predictor of larger, more serious accidents to come. Make a change before a colleague or friend is seriously injured (or worse), and get your worksite’s safety standards back on track, with help from McKee Products and Services.


With over 20 years of safety leadership experience as a foreman, manager, or site superintendent; National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) training; and a wealth of up-to-date, hands-on industry expertise; MPS has the knowledge and skillsets necessary to turn your site’s safety record around and help you avoid further job-related injuries or incidents. We can even help you acquire and maintain your COR or SECOR certification from the Alberta government.


If your site needs a re-alignment when it comes to safety protocols and standards, don’t settle for anything less than the most qualified assistance – the wellbeing of your team (and your business) depends on it. Reach out to us, and explore how MPS can make your worksite the model of safety and efficiency, each and every day.